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Volume-7,Issue-1  ( May, 2019 )
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Aug. 2019
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Providing Security Mechanism To The User On The Cloud Environment Using Dual Encryption And Decryption

Cloud computing (CC) is a model for enabling omnipresent network access to a remote server hosted over the internet under a configurable computing resource. The sway of this systems in the expanse of IT sector influences the storage, online processing, data abstraction of network and software, etc. Since these services were compelling on the shared medium, the security needs to be enabled and maintained at the higher level. Anxiety over security in CC is restricted and the level of security is still invisible to the client. The obtainable system provides only the Username and Password activity as a visible security to the user on cloud environment. In addition CC fails in resolving the legal ownership of data between user and third parties like service provider. Hence with the extensive procedures of CC services, we proposed the new way of security in the visible manner which enables the end-user to secure their own data and also solves the ownership of data. Keywords— Service Provider, Cloud Computing, Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC), Legal Owner of Data (LOD).

Author - Manoj.K.R, George Fernandez.I

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| Published on 2016-06-01
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