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Volume-7,Issue-1  ( May, 2019 )
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Aug. 2019
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Cloud Based Women Security Enhancement

A country`s fortune can be derived from the state of women. This is women`s power. But the prevailing situation makes it unfit for women to live peacefully in the country. As a citizen of the country it is our responsibility to protect women from the shameless animals that are a threat to women. This is a cloud based web application in other words a cloud servicethat takes into account of the former Indian Armed officers. This applications aims at provide a full time helpline service with the support from the retired armed officers. This provides a real time environment to reach out the officers for help.For this we have come with a cloud based platform that uses Transposition-Substitution-Folding-Shifting (TSFS) protocol and saltes hash alogorithm for its securiy purposes. Keywords— Transposition-Substitution-Folding-Shifting, Cloud service,Web application.

Author - K. Pradeep Kumar, A.Pavithra, D. Sudhakar

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| Published on 2016-06-01
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