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Data Mining Method Use In Crime Investigation Network CDR Analysis

In this research paper it is based on the GSM/CDMA network analysis along with data mining. This research based on conceptual modelling for GSM/CDMA network analysis methods models, and graph transformation techniques to support sound methodological principals, for formal analysis and fine-tuning. With conceptual model and real level of modelling and simulation, the approach could sound support application development and the research of GSM/CDMA network. GSM/CDMA network data-analysis methods for the processing of the available measurement information is studied in order to provide more efficient methods for performance optimization, CDRs Play vital role of the crime investigation and his is important of the metadata analysis the uses of measurement prediction, information in selection of most useful optimization action have been studied. This research work is the improvement of a new CDR network determination method for the localization of a mobile receiver in a cellular communications environment. Keywords— GSM/CDMA, Network, Navigation, Modelling, Simulation.