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Uniform Protected Sharing Of Personal Health Records (PHR) In Cloud Environment Using Attribute-Based Encryption

Personal health record (PHR) is a very important model for exchanging the health record information and it is also patient centric. For the sharing and storage purpose the PHR is put away in outside servers regularly. But there are some privacy concerns about the PHR information exposure to third party and unauthorised or malicious parties. For the complete assurance of security and sharing we should encrypt the PHR before deployment to the remote server. There are so many issues regarding PHR like privacy exposure, security, efficient sharing and user attribute revocation. These issues are the most important challenges for achieving access control in a secure and sharable manner. In this paper for PHR security and sharing purpose we propose a framework which is patient centric and mechanism to control access of data of PHR which is stored on remote server or semi trusted servers. To achieve scalable and secure data access controls we use attribute based encryption (ABE) as a main technique for encryption of the PHR. Our proposed scheme enables user attribute revocation and dynamic modification of policies of access control. Keywords— Access Control, Attribute Based Encryption, Cloud Server, Data Sharing, Personal Health Record.