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A Survey & Applications Of Various Mobile Clouds

Cloud computing is a background that allows cloud consumers to remotely data management. They can records their data helps remotely to third party cloud storage suppliers relatively than sustain data centers on their individual data management. They can documents their data backups remotely to third party cloud storage providers rather than sustain data centers on their own. With the modern improvements in cloud computing, a large number of users have been outsourcing their storage to third parties. Cloud storage providers, such as Amazon S3, provide users with the possibility to store and access their data anytime from anywhere. While outsourcing the storage is convenient and cost-effective, the outsourced data might be sensitive and an inappropriate disclosure may cause serious problems for users. Therefore, the proper enforcement of data access control is of central importance. Index Terms- Proxy Re-Encryption, Cloud Computing, Attribute Based Encryption (ABE), Challenge–Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP), Cloud Storage.