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Malicious Behaviour Detection In Manets Using A Superior Adaptive Ack Technique

Wireless networks are more advantageous than wired networks due to its special capabilities like mobility, scalability, cut in hardware costs etc..,. Hence this is the reason why most of the industries at present are relying on wireless networks instead of wired networks ie.., there has been a migration from wired networks to wireless networks. There are various wireless networks and one among such networks is Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) .MANET usually consists of several wireless nodes where each and every node acts as a transceiver and it does not require any fixed infrastructure. MANETs can be used in many applications such as emergency recovery, military use, Rescue operations etc.,. This is due to its self-configuring ability ie.., there is no centralized authority in MANETs. But due to its open medium and wide distribution of nodes MANETs are susceptible to malicious attackers. So it is very important to develop an efficient Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that restricts the usually occurring attacks in MANETs. Here we proposed a new Intrusion Detection System named Superior Adaptive ACK that adopts a Digital Signature scheme which is designed especially for MANETs. In this scheme we illustrate higher malicious behavior detection in MANETs without highly degrading the network performances.