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Task Based Migration Using Mobile Cloud Computing

With the increase in technology, today’s world is using the most important and effective feature as Cloud Computing. Cloud computing acts as services in which shared resources, information , hardware ,software are made available to the users as well as other devices as an utility over the network. With increasing technology, handheld devices have become ruggedized for use in different fields. Handheld devices usually includes your mobile devices, tablets, Smartphone, PDAs. With such devices connected to the network plays an important role in concept of Mobile Cloud Computing. In mobile cloud computing, the mobile devices utilize the resources to migrate computation among the mobile nodes and cloud nodes. In this paper, we have combined the working of mobile device in combination with the cloud computing so that task migration can take place with less effort and applications can be utilized easily. This topic helped the purpose of application usage at the same time demonstrate the technique of integration between mobile device and cloud computing which are platform independent, means any mobile device can use this application in any heterogeneous environment.