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Classification Of Resource Management And Pricing Models In Cloud Computing

The wide acceptance of Cloud Computing by small and medium enterprises to large enterprises for achieving computing service has been the latest trend. With such a move enormous demand for the resources arises in different dimensions. Due to the nature of cloud, dynamic allocation of resources to provide desired services among different users in a cost effective way becomes very challenging and essential among the cloud providers. They incorporate different resource management techniques to meet the QoS specified by the users. To have a clear insight on the resource allocation methods used in cloud environment and to come up with better strategies, in this paper we provide some of the previous resource management techniques and analyze them. These approaches are classified rigorously from different perspectives and analyzed along with their merits and demerits. Further, we present different pricing models used during resource allocation. This paper could bring an intuition among researchers in developing new optimal resource management and pricing methods such that cloud computing potential can be reaped to the fullest extent.